Horizontal wood blinds

3 wood types in various textures and designs


Paulownia wood is a plantation wood with an oak-like texture. Although very lightweight, it is also very strong (dimensionally stable). This makes it extremely suitable for our indoor blinds. Paulownia also has high splitting resistance. We use this wood type for our NatuRAL, Younique and Rustic ranges.

horizontale houten lamellen

This grass is a natural beauty with an oak-like robustness and uniform texture. Bamboo is a durable fast-growing wood type and thus very strong and hard wearing. And bamboo also absorbs lots of CO2.


The medium soft hinoki wood is a slow-growing Japanese wood. Moisture and mould-resistant, it is often used in Japan for temples and bath tubs. Hinoki wood has a rough grain structure. It is part of the conifer family, so it emits a woody citrus scent when moistened.

5 References

(9 RAL colours)

  • Max. 3,600 mm
  • Equivalent texture
  • Up to 8.5 m² manual or 10.8 m² electric
  • Affordable
  • Paulownia wood
NatuRal B

(7 RAL-colours)

  • Matt textured colour
  • Max. 4,000 mm
  • Sealed equivalent
  • Up to 8.5 m² manual or 12 m² electric
  • Paulownia wood

(23 colours)

  • Matt textured colour
  • Max. 4,000 mm
  • Matches different interiors
  • Up to 8.5 m² manual or 12 m² electric
  • Paulownia wood

(5 colours)

  • Matt colour with a tangible wood structure
  • Max. 2,720 mm
  • Brushed blinds
  • Equivalent available with NatuRAL type B
  • Up to 5.94 m² manual or 8.16 m² electric

(3 colours)

  • Matt colours
  • Max. 3,000 mm wide
  • In natural colour, white or black
  • Affordable
  • Up to 6.5 m² manual or 9 m² electric

Widths according to usage type

The widths of our horizontal blinds range from 410 mm to 4,000 mm.


min. 410 mm / max. 4,000 mm


Somfy: min. 650 mm / max. 4.000 mm

LVD: min. 700 mm / max. 4.000 mm

For both Somfy and budget versions, you can choose WT (wired) or IO (wireless).


min. 810 mm / max. 4.000 mm (LVD only)

Note: maximum surface area — battery motor: 7.5 m² — electric motor: 12 m². A battery motor is charged using an adaptor. So, no mains power is needed.

Finishing options

Ladder cords

choice of 10 colours

ladder belts
Houten jaloezieën

2 widths (10 or 25 mm), choice of 10 colours

Top frame

made of steel, choice of 6 colours, finished with front bar

Front bar

without returns, with returns left/right/sideways or with an additional front bar at rear

Bottom bar

always rectangular (except Hinoki: bottom rail tilts)

Perfect support for every project

Universal support

ceiling and wall mounting.

Ceiling bracket

support is not visible at the back side of the top frame.

Click support

simple click system for both ceiling and wall mounting.

Niche support

compact system when there is no room for scissor movement (e.g. in deep niches).

Distance support

support bridges thickness of skirting board.

Vinyl blinds
Looking for horizontal vinyl blinds?