Over 65 years of passion for window coverings

West Flemish and worldwide

In 1958, Gérard, Jacques and Raphaël Lecluyse founded the Lecluyse company. They developed a production line for vertical vinyl blinds and resolutely decided on high quality from the very start. Their commitment to excellence ensured the line was an immediate success in Belgium and Luxembourg – countries with high requirements for window coverings. The Netherlands, France and Germany quickly followed suit.

Meer dan 65 jaar passie voor raambekleding
Established value in Europe and way beyond

As the years pass, Lecluyse increasingly becomes an established asset in Europe. In 1990, Caroline and Dominiek Lecluyse joined the company. They maintained the Lecluyse quality and demonstrated a clear international vision. The duo explored new export markets and struck gold. By 2010, Lecluyse’s innovative window coverings have already found their way into more than 30 countries.

In 2016, Jonathan Lecluyse – the third generation – takes the lead. He ensures the company’s continuity along with a growing team of 35 enthusiastic employees. Spanning Western and Eastern Europe and across the Middle East, North Africa to Southeast Asia, and several continents, Lecluyse’s high-quality window coverings are now a sure thing.

A European market leader continues to grow

The company continues to grow steadily with offices in Belgium, France and Romania… and its values still remain the same as ever. The Lecluyse family continues working every day to ensure high-quality European production. As a flexible partner of architects, retailers, and subcontractors … Lecluyse takes a flexible approach. Literally, everything is customisable. And has been for more than 65 years.

  • 1990

    2nd generation: Caroline & Dominiek Lecluyse
  • 2016

    3rd generation: Jonathan Lecluyse
  • 2021

    Launching new product line of Wood Blinds
  • 2022

    Takeover Solar Screen France
  • 1958

    Founders Gérard, Jacques & Raphaël Lecluyse
  • 2010

    Sales in more than 30 countries
  • 2020

    Takeover Novo Europe BV
  • 2021

    Opening of new factory Iasi