Verticale lamellen

Vertical blinds

Lecluyse is the European market leader and a global player in vertical blinds. Our expertise dates back to the year 1958 when we started our own production.


You can choose between vinyl or fabric window blinds in numerous colors, patterns, and widths. Moreover, vertical blinds are highly versatile. You can adjust the light penetration according to your preferences at any time of the day. 

Verticale jaloezie in pvc


Discover all the benefits of our high-quality vinyl blinds.

Verticale raamdecoratie textiel


Transparent, blackout or screens? Textiles trump our vertical blinds.

You can even rely on us for curved, angled or extra narrow and large windows. We guarantee excellent value for money.

Different sizes

Control left or right (all types of control)

Slats left, right, center or left + right

With recess
with recess

Control left or right (all types of control)

Slats left, right or center (folding left + right not possible)

Attention: insight possible where the height of the slats changes

trapezium (up to 45°)
trapezium tot 45°

Control left or right

Slats left or right

Slanted bottom
schuin onder

Control left or right

Slats left or right

High-quality finish

White, grey and black



Control cord

Cord weight

Orientation chain (white PVC, grey aluminium and black aluminium)

Black and white

Child safety system

Normal roller locks (slip clutch) and trapezium roller locks (fixed clutch)

A cover profile is available in anodised aluminium or white (RAL 9016).

Folding options: left / right / left & right / middle.

Vertical control options

Cord-chain system

Cord weight

Child safe

Mono-control system (wand)

Alu crank (colour: aluminium)

Smart, elegant wand(colour: white, aluminium and black)

Electric (230 V)



Bridge distance with spacer supports

With/without clips

43-153 mm

60-90 mm

80-130 mm

140-210 mm

Rails van Lecluyse

Rails from Lecluyse …

  • are made of thick aluminium.
  • have an aluminium chain that dangles nicely.
  • have a sturdy and high-quality control cord.
  • are fitted with matching colour roller locks on the rails.
  • make it easy to mount and remove blinds thanks to a hook.
  • can be mounted directly or with clips on the ceiling.
  • have a slip clutch that allows hooked blinds to rotate 180 degrees.
  • are fitted with a window washing system.