Horizontal vinyl blinds

Practical vinyl

1. Moisture resistant
Vochtbestendige pvc lamellen

Plastic blinds are ideally suited for damp rooms, such as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. And these are easy to clean.

2. Frosted-glass look
2. Melkglaslook

The frosted-glass look is perfect for creating more privacy with lots of light, but reduced visibility. Ideal for a bathroom.

3.Front and bottom bar
3. Front- en onderlat

The front and bottom bars of our vinyl blinds are made of sustainable wood. This gives the system more character.

Breedtes volgens type bediening

Widths according to usage type

The widths of our horizontal blinds range from 410 mm to 3.600 mm.


min. 410 mm / max. 3.600 mm


Somfy: min. 650 mm / max. 3.600 mm

LVD: min. 700 mm / max. 3.600 mm

For both Somfy and budget versions, you can choose WT (wired) or IO (wireless).


min. 810 mm / max. 3.600 mm (LVD only)

A battery motor is charged using an adapter. So, no main power is needed.

Finishing options

Ladder cords

choice of 10 colours

ladder belts

2 widths (10 or 25 mm), choice of 10 colours

Top frame

made of steel, choice of 6 colours, finished with front bar

Front bar

without returns, with returns left/right/sideways or with an additional front bar at rear

Bottom bar

always rectangular (except Hinoki: bottom rail tilts)

Perfect support for every project

Universele support

ceiling and wall mounting.

Ceiling bracket

support is not visible at the back side of the top frame.

Click support

simple click system for both ceiling and wall mounting.

Niche support

compact system when there is no room for scissor movement (e.g. in deep niches).

Distance support

support bridges thickness of skirting board.

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