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As manufacturer of high-quality vertical blinds our products are available in different stock lengths. These lengths are cut with a minimum loss. Value for your money. 
We also manufacture made-to-measure blinds shipped on a weekly basis. We have a wide range of punching holes that are compatible with several vertical blind systems on the market. To top it off, we cut the blinds to your preferred size. 

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This Lecluyse collection offers a wide range of vertical blinds in plain basic colours, with or without surface treatment, available in 52 mm / 70 mm / 89 mm / 127 mm / 250 mm.


Decorative window solutions for those who want something special.  This collection offers a great variety in patterns, wood imitations, look-a-like textiles and prints based on the latest trends in interior design. 


This innovative collection consists of horizontal transparent synthetic blinds available in 2 sizes (50 mm and 70 mm) and various colours. They are perfect for the use in kitchens or bathrooms as they are water- and damp- proof.


Wood look a like
Textile look a like
Surface treatment
Surface treatment stripes
Textile look a like

Available Colors