Frequently asked questions

1. Light transmission and transmission of solar radiation.
This is the amount of light and the amount of heat that gets through your window blind. This is also known as transmission.

2. Light absorption and absorption of radiation.
This is the amount of light and the amount of heat that is absorbed by the window blind. These are jointly known as absorption.

3. Reflection of light and the reflection of radiation.
This is the amount of light and the amount of heat the window blind reflects. This is also simply called reflection.

Vinyl slats have the following advantages which curtains do not have. Vinyl slats versus curtains. These are the three main advantages of vinyl blinds:

1. Our blinds are light-tight. The light or sun does not reflect on computer screens, which is a considerable advantage in an open-plan office with numerous screens. A must!

2. Typical for our slats is that there is almost no end to the ways you can orient them in function of the incident light and sun. The required level of light in the room can be fine-tuned. This is where curtains lose out.

3. Vinyl slats are easy to clean. The result: meticulously clean blinds. Everyone knows that washing curtains is quite a tough job. A light cleaning session is all it takes to have your blinds hygienically clean again.

Yes, both in summer and in winter. In wintertime, they keep the cold outside.

And during the summer, the heat stays in between the glass and the blinds. The room does not heat up as fast and requires less additional cooling.

Yes, by keeping your vinyl blinds closed in summertime, the heat takes longer to get into the room. This also means that less or no additional cooling is required.

Yes. Fatigue and eye irritation can easily be avoided by adjusting the blinds so that they do not let in too much or too little light. You couldn't do this with curtains. People who spend a lot of their time in front of a computer tend to suffer from tired or irritated eyes. This is because their eyes continuously have to adjust to the changing light intensity. Our pupils become enlarged when light conditions are poor and become smaller when light intensity increases. These subconscious changes of the eye are very taxing on the eye muscle. And even more so if the light reflects on the computer screen. Light reflection on the screen can be avoided by properly adjusting the vinyl slats. Result: optimum comfort for the eyes, all day long.

You can simply obtain this type of technical information by calling our sales department at +32 51 575 693. Our staff will happily fill you in on the reflection ratio, light permeability, tensile strength, elasticity or colour fastness of the slats. They will even provide you with test results and reports from independent organisations.

Most certainly. Tests have shown that they are of equally good quality. The internationally recognised and independent Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, in Delft subjected both these types of blinds to a comparative study. Whatever the quality parameter tested, both types performed equally well. Lecluyse, supplies top quality! Objectively proven, once again.

For our entire range, the technical specifications are mentioned on filing cards which stipulate the specific warranty period and warranty terms.

No, most certainly not. The price per metre is about the same. Both for vinyl and fabric vertical slats, you can have more expensive and cheaper versions. Vinyl slats are easier to finish off though. Hanging them is a very simple operation because they don't need bottom weights nor chains.

Lecluyse is European market leader and a global player. The company exports to numerous countries.

One of the main advantages of vinyl slats is that they are sufficiently heavy to hang perfectly vertical. To have your fabric blinds hanging straight you need weights and a connecting chain to weigh them down. Vinyl slats are also sufficiently rigid. They are easy to hang.

Vinyl slats are maintenance-friendly. People sometimes believe that they should rinse them with clean water and dry them. A real chore? Not at all! Simply add a mild detergent to some clean water and apply liberally to the blinds. To rinse, add a tiny amount of detergent to clean water, rinse and let your blind dry. The best result. And you don't have to do it very often.

Phone us or e-mail us. For specific questions in relation to your order, it would be best if you phone your contact person directly. You will find his or her name on our correspondence. Your contact person will follow up on your order from start to finish and will make sure that everything is done to perfection. If you have any further general or technical queries you can also call us every workday during business hours.