Lecluyse International SRL Introducing a new product range.

Lecluyse International SRL Introducing a new product range

Lecluyse is based in Kortemark (Belgium) since the very beginning in 1958. Known for our qualitative vertical blinds it slowly became time to develop a new product. Since the takeover of the third generation in 2016, under the sole lead of Jonathan Lecluyse, a lot of things have improved on the production site in Kortemark. Faster lead times & further reduction of claim rates have been achieved. After an asset takeover of one of our competitors in 2020, in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, we have achieved a better market position. We noticed that after the takeover our customers were delighted that lead times & quality were assured for pretty much all made-to-measure vertical rigid vinyl blinds in Europe coming from our factory. 


Our customers appreciate good quality, trustworthy products and lead times. This gave us the confidence to offer them more, much more… Based on this philosophy we decided to start a new production site together with a new product range. Completely developed and designed in our headquarter in Belgium we introduce wooden venetian blinds with an artisanal look, produced on an industrial scale. Starting from mid-2021 we offer a very unique & individual range of made-to-measure wooden blinds to private label customers. We differentiate our private label manufacturing with our own unique colour selection and our well known quality control. 


We start from bare wood & apply our own colours, carefully selected inhouse by our designers. Inspired by the well-known Belgian flooring industry we have one of the most unique wooden blind ranges on the market. Our range is the perfect way for our customers to differentiate, which is what it’s all about nowadays. “Stand out from the crowd”. Everyone has discovered wooden venetian blinds but only few are really unique. Together with our bamboo (300cm) & rigid vinyl range our Paulownia blinds are available at big widths (400cm). 


‘Sample books as a service’

Next to our great colour range we offer ‘sample books as a service’. We guide our clients through the process of developing a new collection book. We make the collection books from A-Z in house. We offer different collection book designs, look & feels, lay-outs and many more. This way we can help our customer to get to a fantastic collection book without the large time investment. As designing a collection book requires a lot of precious time, we are glad to help! A collection designer joins our customer in the process & we deliver the collection books 100% ready to be distributed. 


Our Romanian production has a 100% Belgian management. This team ensures that the quality standards from our Belgian production site are respected. Western European markets have high quality standards, therefore good management is extremely important. Together with our production team we are looking forward to the future, which seems bright.


We see great potential in our new product line & hope to share this potential with all of our customers.