Horizontal wooden blinds

Innovating for you and your customer

After having succesfully established ourselves as the reference in vertical synthetic blinds, we at Lecluyse wanted to move forward to even bigger things. We set our sights at producing the best and most unique horizontal wooden blinds out there.

Therefor we traveled all over Europe & the rest of the world in search of the ideal look and corresponding production process for our product. This quickly proved to be a very difficult and challenging process. From that moment on, we chose to combine different technologies and to develop our own painting process. We had a strong team, which is still fully active today, to bring such a process to a successful conclusion.

Completely developed and designed in our headquarter in Belgium we introduce wooden venetian blinds with an artisanal look, produced on an industrial scale. Starting from mid-2021 we offer a very unique & individual range of made-to-measure wooden blinds to private label customers. We differentiate our private label manufacturing with our own unique colour selection and our well known quality control. 

We start from bare wood & apply our own colours, carefully selected inhouse by our designers. Inspired by the well-known Belgian flooring industry we have one of the most unique wooden blind ranges on the market. Our range is the perfect way for our customers to differentiate, which is what it’s all about nowadays. “Stand out from the crowd”. Everyone has discovered wooden venetian blinds but only few are really unique. Together with our bamboo (300cm) & rigid vinyl range our Paulownia blinds are available at big widths (400cm). 

VLAIO recognised

We are also proud that Vlaio (Flemish Agency for Innovation & Development) has recognized our trajectory as an 'Innovation trajectory'. These are research projects with a (very) high degree of difficulty, which consequently has a considerable chance of failure. In the end, we are very proud of the result. As a company, we are proud of this recognition & support, we regard this as confirmation of a great 'team effort'.

Craft product

A wooden blind consists of several wooden slats & a series of various parts. You need quite a bit of manpower to color all these slats. That is why we opted to start up a new site in Romania after the research project. It was important that the country was within the European Union, so you have good control and supervision over all aspects of the company. With our new site we have a lot more options and a great added value for our product range. We can now offer a craft product very affordable to our dealers and their customers. Lecluyse is all about innovation and you can see this in all our collections.

Our new collection of wooden blinds provides a nice overview & helps our customers to make the right choice. You don't change your interior every year, so you want to make the best choice right away.

This is now possible with the Lecluyse Wooden Blinds collection!